This might be a stupid question.

Since LJ changed the edit info page, I can't tell how I'm supposed to be able to change the journal title and subtitle.

Eh... but I could just be being stupid. Greek Bird knows I'm stupid about LJ matters all the time.
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The highlight of my night thus far. Pitiful? You decide.


*squee moment*

If you do a Google Imagesearch for my username (jeweleddragon), guess what comes up?

...that's right, ladies, gentlemen, and beasts of various kinds and natures. All but two of those involve mustard.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I think midnightlynx had something to do with this. I vaguely remember him posting a bunch of mustard pictures to my LJ.

If you don't know why mustard is so greatly amusing to me, fie on you.

SuperSinapisticETA: Yep!

No, I didn't go all the way back through my LJ searching for that. Google actually spit it out for me.

Of course I didn't copy your ending, Midnightlynx. *utterly innocent blink*

I was tagged by reznorette, curse her immortal soul.

Once you are tagged* you MUST write a blog about your six weird habits/traits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.

(1) Whenever I get really bored and don't have a string or rubber band to mess around with, I start trying to tie my fingers into knots. Probably not in my best interest.

(2) I have dark blue eyes. Really, really, really blue eyes. Sometimes it causes random strangers to run up to me and gush over them.

(3) ...I carry books with me even when I'm going to hike up a mountain, apparently. -_-

(4) I sleep on my stomach. Not really sure whether that's abnormal or not.

(5) There is no 5.

(6) Fnord.

I don't feel like tagging anyone.
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Updating from school.

I just came back from the eighth grade's field trip to Stone Mountain. We hiked all the way up it, and then we had to walk (rather, run) back down it. And we didn't even get any ice cream for our troubles!

It sort of highlighted to me how out-of-shape I am. I had only walked about forty feet up when I started to pant. I kind of feel bad. I need to exercise, but I'd rather read. v.v

Science class is annoying. I think I've mentioned that at some point. /random
Also, someone said that I remind them of a giraffe.
But this same person also said that a different girl reminded him of a whale, which caused her to say that he reminded her of a jackass. XD Mwahahahahaha!

It sounds strange, but it's rather odd to look around and see all these people around me. Each of them has their own complex life story, and they're all inexplicably intertwined. People's histories twist together in inexplicable way. Everything affects everything else... and I could ramble on about that, and in a much more eloquent way too, but I don't want to right now, not with the ever-present danger of people staring over my shoulder.

There was a guy yesterday who had a shirt that looked like a Coke shirt, except that instead of saying "Drink Coke" it said "Worship Jesus." That line got stuck in my head. It's not like I think anything is really wrong with it, because the guy has his freedom of speech and after all he's not actually going to force me to worship someone, but I find it rather interesting all the same.

I have to do a scrapbook project for English class. The whole grade, I think, has to do it. The teachers call it the "Myself Project" because it's supposed to be all about the person who's doing it.
One of the things that you have to do is a timeline with at about three major events in your life per year. My life is boring. The only seriously major events that other people would be interested in are my birth and TIP. -_- And the English teacher almost said that birth didn't even count as a major event in someone's life. Errrr...

I like to ramble. But I'm sure that you haven't noticed. ;)
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(no subject)

I already had a stomachache, but it was only made worse when I couldn't stop giggling at the people who took the fake IQ test and then posted it with cries of ZOMG I R SPESHUL!1!!!! (Exaggeration included.)

People on flist: I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Really. Reaaalllyyy... *shifty eyes*
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